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Geniux is a brain supplement that comes in form of a tablet and enhances memory, gives one focus and more energy. The pill was manufactured for people suffering from brain fog, that is, lack of sufficient concentration or focus. Many Geniux users take it to encourage brain activity and lessen fatigue and sleepiness. It does so by increasing the amount of blood pumped to the brain and hence consequently increasing the brain activity. Geniux also inhibits the formation of free radicals of oxygen hence prevents formation of reactive oxygen species generated in the body which would cause feelings of fatigue, sleepiness, restlessness and insomnia.

Geniux is commonly known as the ‘limitless pill’ due to its ability to increase brain activity hence helping one learn faster and feel smarter.

Geniux Pills

How does Geniux work?

Geniux contains Nootropics which improves the neurotransmitter acetylcholine through the cholinergic receptors and consequently stimulate NMDA glutamate receptors that are important to the memory and the learning process. Additionally, nootropics have an influence in vascular and neuronal functions hence increasing cognitive function and simultaneously keeping one motivated and alert by providing energy from a natural source.

One is encouraged to try Geniux since:

It boosts the ability to focus.

Geniux guarantees the power to boost one’s focus in any given task. Whether driving, riding a bicycle, exercising in the gymnasium or even studying, Geniux ensures that one stays focused and hence is able to meet the required concentration to achieve the intended goal.

Helps aging brain.

Geniux contains natural ingredients with many capabilities which lessens the rate of aging of the brain hence boosting its performance. Many people fear using drugs and chemicals with side effects especially during their old age. Geniux puts to rest this worries by providing an all-natural brain supplement ensuring there is no risk of side effects.

Increases motivation

Fatigue and other undesirable feelings reduces one’s motivation to perform a certain given task. Geniux helps one get motivated and ensures that this happens in the shortest time possible, seconds. Once the supplement is taken, one should expect results instantly hence it helps to save time.

Acts as an anti-depressant.

Geniux increases one’s conscious and ensures full recovery from depression or trauma which may be caused by using drugs and alcohol.

Geniux Pills

Helps in providing and rebuilding energy

Geniux contains energy supplements and essential nutrients which are necessary for energy formation. Due to this fact, Geniux is replenishes lost energy hence leaving the user fully healthy and energetic.

Helps in brain neuron formation

Nootropics are known to aid in making slow the rate of brain deterioration by increasing and facilitating neuron formation in the brain. This enhances quick reception and hence increasing the rate of brain activity.

Geniux Ingredients

The ingredients making Geniux are multiple nootropic compounds combined in a fast acting formula to ensure their faster release for use by the brains.

The main Geniux ingredients used are:
GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)
Alpha GPC (glycerylphosphorylcholine)
Bacoba Monnieri
X protein
Bee pollen
Huperzine A
Minerals and essential nutrients

The major benefits of Geniux can be summarized as follows:
Provides mental strength to the user.
Helps the body regenerate brain cells destroyed by alcohol and other causes.
Slows down the aging process and enhances memory in old age.
Strengthens confidence and hence self-esteem which consequently helps people attain their goals and are therefore successful.
Eliminates insomnia, restlessness and exhaustion.
Provides energy that is necessary for survival


How does one use Geniux pills?

Once you buy Geniux pills, there is no prescription needed. Due to its high reliability, only one pill should be taken per day preferably in the morning after breakfast.

Does Geniux pills have any side effects?

Geniux is an all-natural brain supplement and hence does not have any side effects. This ‘limitless pill’ ensures that it gives the optimum results without leaving any negative effect on the user. It’s the best brain supplement

Where can one buy the Geniux pills?

Geniux is available for purchase in many online stores and everybody should grab one. Buy Geniux online by placing an order and have it delivered to your door.

In brief, everyone should try Geniux and experience the best brain supplement. For the best brain performance, we should all try geniux, the ‘limitless pill’.

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